NEW!  ​The MPa Line of High Pressure Gas Compressors​

MPa Pressure Services International announces the launch of its range of  ‘TH’ High Pressure Reciprocating Gas Boosters and Compressors.

MPa Compressors are hydraulically-driven, dual acting piston compressors capable of output gas pressures up to 200 MPa (30000 psi) and higher. The non-lubricated gas piston seals make this design suitable for compressing a wide range of gases and equally applicable to pumping liquids.

The design of this type of compressors lends itself to reliable operation and ease of maintenance. Two models shown here are a THB Booster and a THL Compressor.    


The performance characteristics of these particular units are shown in the Table below. Other Models are under development to extend the range of output pressures and discharge flow rates​.

TH Compressor Model Ranges


The many applications of this type of compressor include

  • Cylinder filling for breathing air, medical and industrial gases
  • air-bag propellants etc.
  • High pressure component testing for offshore installations
  • Gas-assisted injection moulding
  • Alternative fuels, e.g. hydrogen, hydrocarbons etc.
  • Isostatic processing

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